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Why Email Marketing?

Email is a powerful and effective medium of marketing as it conveys message directly to customers in a personnel way. Email marketing importance is rapidly increasing these days on the heels of growing number of web surfers. Most of the web users have at least two e-mail Ids and they prefer checking mails first before doing anything online. It is amazing to know that more than 60% of web users purchase products by reading email advertisements, when compared to 15% after reading text messages and 25% via social media sites. Adorn being an effective email marketing company is able to succeed in its efforts as it always adopts new and innovative methods to attract target audience. Use of text, images, graphics and animated clips in an appealing way makes email advertising method a favourite of online business magnets.

Email Marketing Benefits

The first and foremost benefit of email marketing from Adron is the immediate call for action. When a client feels that an email message is genuine and the offers announced in it are attractive, then he immediately inquire more about it, register on the business website, downloads more details and purchases the product, if it is available online. Email marketing benefits are a lot when you perceive from a marketing company’s point of view. It takes very less time for email marketing companies to spread an advertising message to millions of people. Likewise, response for emails from the client’s side can be send immediately without any delay. Email marketing reduces the distance between the marketer and the client. Frequent communication between them helps maintain rapport.